Short Story Club

Reading club, that is. As mooted when we finished the Hugo short fiction discussions, I think I’m going to continue reading and inviting discussion about a story a week, at least for a while. The format remains the same: I’ll post a reminder on Friday, and a discussion post on Sunday that rounds up as much comment as I can find — which will probably be less than for the Hugo nominees, since I plan to focus on stories published for the first time in English this year.

Here’s my current list of things that have either caught my eye, or are by authors I already know I’m interested in, or have cropped up as recommendations somewhere (notably Rich Horton’s short fiction reviews in Locus), with discussion dates:

I think there’s a pretty good variety of styles and content in there, but of course the proof will be in the reading.


31 Responses to “Short Story Club”

  1. Karen Burnham Says:

    Excellent! I really enjoyed the ones in the spring, even when I couldn’t chime in. I hope I’ll be a more active participant in the fall. Thanks for continuing this!

  2. Niall Says:


    I’ve just realised my alphabetical order is not as alphabetical as it could be. Ah well.

  3. Alexander Says:

    Glad to hear of this. I followed the Hugo reading and discussion without posting, and look forward to this venue continuing. Plus I haven’t read stuff from most of the listed authors, so this might be a good motivator to widen my interests. Count me in.

  4. Niall Says:

    Excellent. Good to have you on board!

  5. Maureen Kincaid Speller Says:

    I’m planning to read along this time.

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  8. Sarah L. Edwards Says:

    I’m glad to see this continued. I didn’t end up commenting on the Hugo posts, but I will at the very least be reading the stories and discussion, and hopefully chiming in now and then, too.

  9. Niall Says:

    The more the merrier. :-)

  10. Jed Says:

    Nifty project; thanks for putting it together!

    I don’t know whether you can (or want to) edit posts over time, but if you can, would it be possible to add links from this entry to the discussions themselves as they happen? That way, this page could become a sort of table of contents for all the discussions.

  11. Niall Says:

    Jed, I had been thinking of putting together a “table of contents” post when we were all done; but now that you say it, of course, there’s no reason why I couldn’t use this one and update as we go. So I will.

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  27. Shawn Says:

    Hi, I am part of a short story writer’s group that regularly posts fiction stuff on Your group is welcome to read short fiction by budding writers and we could also benefit from your suggestions.


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