Vector is the critical journal of the British Science Fiction Association, publishing articles and features on genre fiction across the world, with some focus on UK science fiction. Vector publishes two to three issues per year, with three issues planned for 2018.

Vector was founded in 1958. Its contributors have included such authors and critics as Brian Aldiss, Gregory Benford, Christopher Fowler, Mary Gentle, Damon Knight, Ursula Le Guin, Michael Moorcock, Brian Sableford, and of course many more.

Subscribe to Vector by becoming a BSFA member. Membership is open to anyone in the world, and also includes subscriptions to our sister titles, FOCUS and BSFA Review.

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Niall, Geneva

    Very neat site. I like this.
    As a side comment to Now All Slipstream Until the End, I wrote a review of Paraspheres for Interzone. Not sure if it’s available on their website (I’m not actually a subscriber, so I never see copies of my reviews).

  2. Just found your blog – despite owning a wordpress blog of my own and despite searching wordpress usinig all the usual suspects.

    Looks good; I’ll be adding you to my blogroll.


  3. OK, I’ve finally entered all the Vector reviews and articles I can find into the Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase – thanks to Michael Cross’s website and Brian Stableford for the physical copies. More data welcome, and corrections appreciated.

  4. Metamorphosis! All the older content has been preserved, but some of it has been tucked away. Here is where you’ll find information about the 2010 special publication Twenty Years, Two Surveys. Here you can find still-mostly-live links list associated with a discussion, in the same year, about the under-representation of women in speculative fiction. The Torque Control blog posts are under the ‘News’ tab. The old open thread is located here.

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