Journey into Links

Forgive me, for I have sinned: it has been a long, long time since my last linkdump.

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3 Responses to “Journey into Links”

  1. Martin Says:

    the comments are, er, interesting

    But not as bad as I’d feared.

    Did you see that James Lovegrove reviewed Journey Into Space in the FT?

  2. Niall Says:

    I did not! Well spotted.

    I still haven’t finished it.

  3. Martin Says:

    I’ve just read the comments to that KKR post. Oh dear. Rusch really shot herself in the foot and this strikes me as total bullshit:

    When this column appeared, I e-mailed a bunch of industry pros who blog, asking them to link to it. Today, I received 6 e-mails about why they can’t link. All six cited your post as potentially harmful.

    Thank God she bowed out of the conversation.

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