Next Year’s Non-Fiction Awards

What has caught your attention amongst potential non-fiction nominations for next year’s science fiction awards? Any journal articles? Magazines? Podcasts or radio shows? Blog posts? Any notable books of criticism or new collections of essay from the first quarter of 2011?

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3 Responses to “Next Year’s Non-Fiction Awards”

  1. Niall Says:

    I’m currently reading David Mitchell: Critical Essays, which has some good stuff in it, and doesn’t pretend he doesn’t write sf. Also Gary Wolfe’s Evaporating Genres, depending on whether it’s been revised enough to count as an original work.

  2. Jonathan M Says:

    I think Graham’s Locus columns are deserving of a nod. They’ve been systematically excellent and very useful for someone as thinly read in historical terms as myself.

  3. Jonathan Strahan Says:

    I know I’m hopelessly compromised, but might I also suggest Gary Wolfe’s third review collection, Sightings (, which is due out at Eastercon.

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