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  1. Niall Alexander Says:

    Jesus. For an “and finally” link, this Night Shade nonsense really sets my teeth to grinding. As if the fuss a few months ago wasn’t bad enough. I’m done with these asshats, once and for all.

  2. Niall Says:

    It’s quite staggering, isn’t it? I like the “Things that took less time than the production of this book” list.

  3. Nick H. Says:

    “Margo Lanagan’s White Time gets a UK edition”

    I don’t mean to pick nits, but White Time has already had a UK edition, back in 2001. It’s probably thanks to Tender Morsels that it has been re-printed and re-promoted.

    As for Night Shade… oh dear. It’s shocking how patient those defrauded have been; if I’d pre-ordered that book, I would’ve sued Night Shade years ago.

  4. Gary Couzens Says:

    Nick is right: I read White Time out of my local library a couple of years ago. The new publisher is David Fickling Books, who published Tender Morsels and also Lanagan’s newer collection Red Spikes.

  5. Niall Says:

    Ah, OK; I thought it was the one we hadn’t had at all yet.

  6. Jonathan M Says:

    Mind you, when you’re dealing with people willing to shell out $500 for a copy of Perdido Street Station, I imagine the urge to try to flog them Tower Bridge signed by China Mieville must have been overwhelming.

  7. Niall Says:

    Ah, I see that the Night Shade Mieville was officially canceled a couple of weeks ago. The last few comments on the above thread seem to have missed the announcement as well.

  8. Jason M. Robertson Says:

    Officially canceled, yes, but I think you’re misreading the subsequent comments in that thread. Those folks seem to be saying “So the announcement says they’ll be getting in touch about the $500 I spent on a non-book…. I haven’t heard anything yet.” That strikes me as still being strong grounds for disgruntlement. On the other hand, I don’t know if the lack of activity in the last several days means NSB has patched things up for them, or if they just haven’t re-complained in the thread.

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