How To Link Safely in a Science-Fictional Universe

Well, the reading is done, and the class starts tomorrow, which means I’ll be offline for the weekend and it’s time for a long-overdue links post.

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3 Responses to “How To Link Safely in a Science-Fictional Universe”

  1. kev mcveigh Says:

    The Sturgeon Award list is interesting, not least for its divergence from all the other best short SF lists around. I just checked the TOC for the Dozois, Horton and Strahan Best SF volumes, none of whom select more than 4 of the 11 stories and 5 stories are omitted by all three of these representative anthologies.
    Presumably Morrow’s novella was too long , but that still leaves Lee, Pratt, Reed and Shiner uncollected. Sign of a strong year?

  2. Ann Wilkes Says:

    Did you give permission to to repost your feed without linkbacks? They’re doing it to MANY of us. I did manage to get them to remove mine AND the list of “contributors” which was essentially a list of all the blogs they were stealing from. Here’s where your blog entry is reposted.

  3. Niall Says:

    Ann: thanks for the heads-up, and no, I didn’t. I’ll look into it.

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