BSFA Award Nominations Update

I’ve updated the list for each category to reflect nominations received between Friday and yesterday evening:

Note also that of the existing nominations, “The Beloved Time of their Lives” by Roberto Quaglia and Ian Watson has been made available as a pdf.

EDIT: More stories! Lavie Tidhar has released four of the tales included in The Apex Book of World SF into the wild, as pdfs:

FURTHER EDIT: And Kim Lakin-Smith’s story, “Johnny and Emmie-Lou Get Married“, has also appeared.


3 Responses to “BSFA Award Nominations Update”

  1. Lavie Says:

    All great stuff Niall!

    Somewhat inspired, we’re making the four original stories from the Apex Book of World SF available for free downloads for members of the BSFA too, if you’d care to include it (PDF):


  2. Tender Linksels « Torque Control Says:

    […] BSFA Award Nominations Update […]

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