… In with the new

This is what 2009 looks like so far:

… which is to say, these are the 2009 books I’m hoping to get stuck into over the next few months. (Feel free to tell me what I’ve missed.) There are a few books in there that are cheats: Graceling, The Hunger Games and Tender Morsels are 2009 books in the UK, but were first published in the US last year. I think Vandana Singh’s collection The Woman Who Thought She Was A Planet is also technically a 2008 book, but I didn’t see a copy until January. Of the rest, I’m planning to review Marcher, Steal Across the Sky, Twisted Metal and Best Served Cold for Strange Horizons, in that order (perk of being a reviews editor: you get first pick). I’m perhaps most looking forward to Singh’s collection, and to In Great Waters, since I liked Whitfield’s first book and Nic tells me this new one is excellent. And the first one I’ll be reading, which you can expect a post about here (after Lavinia), is that spiral-bound book, which is a proof of Toby Litt’s Journey Into Space; I’m extra-intrigued now, because Ursula Le Guin didn’t like it, but Martin and Paul did.


8 Responses to “… In with the new”

  1. gav (nextread.co.uk) Says:

    My Niall, you do have a pile problem!

    I hope you have fun working your way through it. I want to know what the spiral thingy is…

  2. NextRead » Links and Comments: Sunday 1st March 2009 Edition Says:

    […] has a pile problem! And quite a large one it is too! He has an ARC of Best Served Cold – I know a few people that will be so so jealous! I’m still […]

  3. chance Says:

    You haven’t read Tender Morsels yet? What have you been doing, man! (well, except for the part where I don’t think it’s all that good.)

  4. Niall Says:

    Gav: It’s a proof of Toby Litt’s Journey into Space.

    Chance: playing Final Fantasy XII. :-p

  5. gav (nextread.co.uk) Says:

    Ah – thanks. I’m waiting to see Mark’s review on Walker of Worlds for that one – more literary then genre it seems…

  6. Aishwarya Says:

    I’ve been dipping in and out of Singh’s book for the last couple of weeks and I’m really enjoying it. Very excited about The City and The City, though I won’t be getting my copy till May.

  7. Liviu Says:

    There are 3 books there on the list that elicit my envy, most of all Nights of Villamjur, though I hope to get a pdf arc soon.

    I should get an arc of City and the City too once my reviewing partner finishes it but after the dismal Iron Council I learned to temper my expectations of Mieville, and for Abercrombie, I will most likely buy it from Book Depository whenever, but for some reason it excites me less that his First Law trilogy; no Glotka and Logan

    Ballantyne is a maybe, still have not read books 2 and 3 of his first series though I have owned them since publication – interesting concepts, but so flat in style…

    Same with Beckett, never tried him yet so a maybe whenever, while for Green I loved the ss on which it is based, but so far Mr. Lake has been very disappointing at novel length for me despite some great shorts, so I will try it, but no hustling for an arc

    I loved Spirit – just resonated with me and it was my second best sf of 08, though I will happily re list it in my eoy for 09 if I see people doing that

    I liked Steal Across the Sky, a return to big-idea sf of the Beggars kind for Ms. Kress, but somewhat less balanced than that one

    Mind over Ship was much better after the very disappointing Counting Heads; if you liked that, you will love this since it has plot and characters for once, rather than world building only

    Lamentation did not work for me – I am a minority among sff blog reviewers since most loved it; the ending was god enough to try the next one whenever

    I have an arc of Palimpsest and I liked the story from it in the Clockwork Phoenix anthology so it’s a read/review sooner rather than later

    For Graceling the only thing I could say is that I am very far away from its target audience, though I gave it a look after some glowing reviews; Prince or something Po is enough to prove the first assertion; same with any book endorsed by S. Meyer though I would not even waste my time opening it, just not the intended audience – no disrespect or criticism implied

    Never liked Margo Lanagan

    Litt is a maybe depending on price/excerpt, same with Great Waters, though none excite me that much

  8. Terry Says:

    POE is a wonderful anthology — my review of it should be up on SF Signal soon, if all goes well. Some terrific stories, most notably by Laird Barron, Lucius Shepard and John Langan, though I found few clunkers in the entire bunch.

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