Going Linker

I’ve been quiet over the holiday period (hope everyone had a good one), but there’s been plenty to read elsewhere:

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6 Responses to “Going Linker”

  1. Graham Says:

    Re F&SF going bimonthly: there’s some discussion on its forums here and then here. Summing over all the posts, you get “sad news, but not unexpected.” I assume we’ll get a fuller debate, as we do each year, when the Feb Locus comes out and we can see what happened to sales of the big three in 2008.

  2. Graham Says:

    Ooops, sorry, first link doesn’t seem to be working. Try this.

  3. Jackie M. Says:

    Also here.

  4. Niall Says:

    Thanks, though Graham, at least one of those links was in my post already: can you spot it? And see also SF Signal here, with links onward.

  5. Liz Says:

    My first thought was that now F&SF can have a Robert Reed story in every issue and not just most of them.

  6. Graham Says:

    Niall: Could have sworn one of those was a link to the Ansible story. Getting old.

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