Now That’s What I Call A Book Log

Here is what Joe Bernstein read, or at least skimmed, this year:

Via. It adds up to more than 100,000 words, if you’re wondering. I am boggled, approaching staggered.

For reference, here’s last year; a measly 70k.


7 Responses to “Now That’s What I Call A Book Log”

  1. Nicholas Waller Says:

    Nitpick: I think you mean 100,000 pages. LoTR alone is 400,000 words and it didn’t take me 4+ years to read.

    But then, you are literally correct… it is more than 100,000 words.

  2. Niall Says:

    I meant 100,000 words of booklog! I write about 50k a year, and I thought that was a lot …

  3. Nicholas Waller Says:

    Ah, sorry. It’s the “Here is what Joe Bernstein read” plus “It adds up to more than 100,000 words” in your handwriting, so to speak, that threw me!

    I haven’t looked into the details… I wonder if he has read 100,000 pages. That would be 4 million words or so.

  4. James Davis Nicoll Says:

    Hmmm. I read about 500 pages a day every day. That works out to 182,500 pages a year. I then write three pages on each book so that’s 1095 pages. @300 words per page, that would be just shy of 55 million words read per year and almost 330,000 words written per year.

  5. Niall Says:

    I honestly can’t decide if you’re living the dream or a nightmare.

  6. Nicholas Waller Says:

    That would be 4 million words or so.

    Oops again. 40 million.

  7. James Davis Nicoll Says:

    Technically a nightmare is a kind of dream so those are not necessarily opposed choices.

    It’s more a dream than anything else. Even in the worst case scenario, which for no reason we will label “condition krapman”, I get paid for the time spent reading the book and for writing a negative review. Condition krapman books I read on my own cost me lifespan and money with no compensation offered.

    I see some review discussions about whether or not a reviewer should say negative things about a book simply because the book in question is horrible or whether we’re all in it together in a hostile and empty sea and should practice saying nice things with a straight face. I am happy to say that I’ve never been asked to give anything but my honest opinion and I am entirely free to poke holes in other people’s inflatable lifeboats.

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