AKA another reason to get around to reading The Baroque Cycle (reading group still scheduled to start here in March!), AKA Neal Stephenson’s next novel, due August. No details on the Amazon page, but a reliable source informs me that this one is actual science fiction, set in the future and everything. Whee!


5 Responses to “Anathem”

  1. Mick Says:

    More info, from here:, circa September ’07–

    “He’s writing a science fiction novel unrelated to Cryptonomicon and the Baroque Cycle. It’s set on another planet and has aliens and so on. It’s really about Platonic mathematics, but he needed the aliens and space opera-ish elements to spice it up a little bit, just like the pirates kept people engaged in the Baroque books. He’s nearly finished writing it, and if he doesn’t finish by the end of the calendar year he’ll have to give some money back. If everything proceeds according to schedule, it should be available in stores in about a year.”

  2. Ryan Says:

    where did you come across this info

  3. Mick Says:

    Click on the link I provided in my comment. It’s a blog run by a Google employee. Stephenson visited them last year.

  4. Mick Says:

    Oh, wait. Seems I buggered up that link. Here ya go:

  5. Liz Says:

    See also my review, here.

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