London Meeting: Roz Kaveney

The guest at tonight’s BSFA meeting is Steph Swainston, who will be interviewed by Graham Sleight.

As usual, the meeting is open to any and all, and will be held in the upstairs room of the Star Tavern in Belgravia (map here). The interview starts at 7.00, but there are likely to be people hanging around in the bar from 6.00 or so. And I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but as it turns out, I am!


8 Responses to “London Meeting: Roz Kaveney”

  1. Douglas Spencer Says:

    Erm… typo in the first line? the perils of copy-and-paste.

  2. Graham Says:

    Uh….there’s a teensy mistake in the 8th and 9th words of this post.

  3. Graham Says:

    All: Niall informs me that he’s not in a position to fix the post now, so this is just a comment to say that the guest tonight will be Roz Kaveney, as per the title, not Steph Swainston (who was the BSFA’s guest in August.) Apologies for the confusion.

  4. Liz Says:

    Let this be a lesson not to copy and paste your earlier blog posts :)

  5. Graham Says:

    I assume he just has a standard one saying “The guest at tonight’s BSFA meeting will be X, who will be interviewed by Graham Sleight.”

  6. Adam Roberts Says:

    Roz could save the day by revealing that, like Bruce Wayne and Batman, she is actually Steph Swainston. That would make for a lively meeting.

  7. Ted Says:

    And exposing a carefully maintained secret identity would be a small price to pay if it saves Niall from embarassment.

  8. Niall Says:

    Oh, balls. Sorry about the mixup, everyone. But I’m sure you’ll be glad to know I’ve decided to leave the post as it stands now, to preserve the narrrative integrity of this thread. Or something.

    (Also, the actual interview was great.)

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