Now All Slipstream Until The End (last updated 29/04/11)

Origin Story




Suggestions for further additions welcomed.

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32 Responses to “Now All Slipstream Until The End (last updated 29/04/11)”

  1. gabe Says:

    Niall, you’re a sick, sick, sick bastard.


  2. Graham Says:

    You know, it’s ALMOST AS IF we’re talking about this stuff too much.

  3. Niall Says:

    It’s like a loose tooth. I can’t help poking at it.

  4. Martin Says:

    Perhaps it would be helpful to have the categories arranged chronologically given that the history of slipstream is that of an evolving definition.

    I notice the big black hole in the Nineties. Nothing actually happened before the internet, did it?

  5. Niall Says:

    Martin: cheers. The lists are more or less chronological — the most recent stuff is at the top of each category. Or did you mean something else?

    I notice the big black hole in the Nineties. Nothing actually happened before the internet, did it?

    Certainly nothing important.

    (More seriously, I almost included John Clute’s entries on ‘slipstream’ and ‘fabulation’ from the Encyclopedia despite their not being online, but I decided I wasn’t trying to create a definitive timeline … yet.)

  6. Niall Says:

    The lists are more or less chronological

    A bit more than less, now. Martin, can you give me a date for when you wrote your slipstream piece (as opposed to when you posted it)?

  7. Martin Says:

    More seriously, I almost included John Clute’s entries on ’slipstream’ and ‘fabulation’ from the Encyclopedia despite their not being online,

    I was thinking about that too. It will be interesting when the Third Edition of the Encyclopedia is published online if they will make any of the content freely available. There is possibly a case for locking author entries and the like but making critical terms public access.

    but I decided I wasn’t trying to create a definitive timeline … yet.

    You know you want to…

    Martin, can you give me a date for when you wrote your slipstream piece

    I think it was 2001 but I will have to check when I get home.

  8. Andrew M Says:

    You may want to consider the interstitial issue of the JFA – for example

    Andrew M Butler, ‘Between the “Deaths” of Science Fiction: A Skeptical View of the Possibility for Anti-Genres.’ Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 15.3 (2004): 208-216.

  9. Jeff VanderMeer Says:

    Wow! What a great collection of data.

    You might add links to reviews of Trampoline and Leviathan, if there are any indepth ones on the internet.

    But this is a great idea.

    Shame there is no such thing as slipstream. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Niall Says:

    Andrew: at the moment I’m sticking to online articles. But if I ever get the urge to compile the True And Complete History Of Slipstream (And Similar) Discussion, that issue will no doubt be on it …

    Jeff: Good call on Leviathan and Trampoline. I’ll have a proper look around for reviews of those later. I’ve also added your “Romantic Underground” piece, which seems not-entirely-irrelevant …

  11. litlove Says:

    Niall – you are a star, as ever. This is incredibly helpful for my research. At this rate you’ll be needing an acknowledgement in the book!

  12. Velcro City Tourist Board » Blog Archive » Links for 11-09-2006 Says:

    […] 5 – Now All Slipstream Until The End Torque Control rounds up reviews and criticism of the often misunderstood and mislabelled ’slipstream’ genre. (tags: criticism genre slipstream writing stories books literature sf scifi fiction science) […]

  13. Liz Says:

    Further links:

    A discussion on the Nightshade Books forums, December 2003

    Nick Mamatas on slipstream, August 2003

    I found the links in “An Introduction to Slipstream”, by Jed Hartman, which was apparently a handout at the SFRA conference in 2004 which I found attached to the back of an old fanzine.

  14. Talvalin Says:

    Since Martin hasn’t corrected himself, his slipstream piece was written in February 2006.

  15. Niall Says:

    Er, I don’t think so — that’s when the post was made, but he said he wrote the piece for 3SF, which folded several years ago.

  16. Martin Says:

    Pay attention at the back, Lal.

  17. Wiliam Says:

    Merry Christmas :)

  18. An Interstitial Sceptic « Torque Control Says:

    […] interview made me start to understand the allergic reactions some people have to the term “slipstream“, because I found it an increasingly frustrating experience. Given that I’m an advocate […]

  19. Sunday TV Blogging § Unqualified Offerings Says:

    […] without the ability to process science fiction. I think John is what the kids are calling “slipstream.” Shales doesn’t figure he has to do any work regarding the title character’s […]

  20. Brave New Slipstream « Torque Control Says:

    […] sleeper ship, slidewalk, slideway … and then coming to that most contentious of terms, slipstream. slipstream n. [after MAINSTREAM] literature which makes use of the tropes or techniques of genre […]

  21. Lawrence Person Says:

    You might find the Nova Express Slipstream issue (Volume 5, Number 2, Fall/Winter 1999) of interest. Among other things, it contained this expanded Slipstream list:

  22. Niall Says:

    Thanks Lawrence, I’ve added it to the list.

  23. Martin Says:

    Gabe’s entry has now been deleted. Also David Soyka on Interfictions.

  24. Niall Says:

    Thanks. I need to do a proper round-up of Interfictions-related material at some point.

  25. “A story should be an axe to break the frozen sea within us.” « Everything Is Nice Says:

    […] Very Strange is an anthology of slipstream stories and I am aiming to look at them as both works of fiction and works of slipstream. Hopefully […]

  26. Feeling Very Strange: The Slipstream Anthology « Everything Is Nice Says:

    […] a reference point I should probably close this post with a link to Niall’s depository of slipstream links which I’m sure will soon link back here in true recursive slipstream/blogging style.) […]

  27. J.E. Johaneman Says:

    Does anyone have a copy of the Carter Scholz interview from New Horizons #11 that Sterling mentioned in his article in Catscan? I’ve looked everywhere. Found copies of almost every single issue of New Horizons except for #11, and there doesn’t seem to be a copy of the interview anywhere on the internet. Would love to find a copy both for historical reasons and for personal interest. It definitely belongs here, if nowhere else. (I’m not sure what the copyright status would be.)

  28. Ice « Everything Is Nice Says:

    […] the world itself is uncertain; it shifts – or should that be slips since this is quintessential slipstream – entirely into the realm of dreams. As one mysterious character puts it later, “the […]

  29. Venus Tuesday Says:

    What about Anne Cameron’s DREAMSPEAKER, or Nick Bantock (GRIFFIN AND SABINE series; THE VENETIAN’S WIFE; THE FORGETTING ROOM)? Are they slipstream, magic realism, or something else?

  30. Die Genrefrage: Neuer Slipstream Fabulismus oder kybernetische Lexikofiktion? | popp-ART Says:

    […] Jahrbüchern Das Science Fiction Jahr (in dem Fall 2007) stieß ich nun auf einen Artikel über Slipstream. Endlich, so frohlockte ich zunächst, das könnte passen! Slipstream, der auf einen Artikel des […]

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