One World, Many Stories

I have it on good authority that Vector 247 has been sighted in the wild. Or at least in peoples’ letterboxes. The theme this time around is “international sf”. Here’s the damn fine lineup:

Torque Control — editorial
Che Guevara on a Greyhound Bus — translator and editor Marcial Souto interviewed by Ian Watson
The Future That Never BeganMichael Froggatt on Soviet SF
Colourful StoriesNisi Shawl on African-descended SF
The Search for South African SFNick Wood
Bears, Bombs and PopcornJudith Berman on cultural source-mining
Archipelago — Dan Hartland on the stories of Zoran Zivkovic
First Impressions — book reviews edited by Paul N. Billinger
The New X: The Walls Are Down, Unfortunately — a column by Graham Sleight

As usual, we’ll be putting some of the articles and reviews up on the website over the next week or two. Of course, to get the whole thing (and Matrix, and Focus), those of you who aren’t already members could just join the BSFA.


4 Responses to “One World, Many Stories”

  1. Armchair Anarchist Says:

    Found mine in the letterbox this evening, along with my BSFA bumpf – excellent. Now all I have to do is find time to read the stuff!

  2. Niall Says:

    Everyone seems to have received their copy of the mailing except me!

    Yes, I’m sulking, why do you ask?

  3. More South African SF « Torque Control Says:

    […] Following on from his article in Vector 247, Nick Wood has been continuing his search for South African SF: But it is also clear that the language of science (fiction) does not necessarily hold sway in South Africa. This is not to say that it is a primitive place, pre-scientific in understanding and experience – these are colonial notions based on beliefs of Western civilisation as a teleological end-point for socio-cultural development. There are a multitude of discourses operating in South Africa, as befits the diverse (and sometimes fractured) nature of experiences and cultural contexts, which underpins the diversity of the country’s human resources. […]

  4. Storying Lives « Torque Control Says:

    […] First, as noted in the editorial, and here a little while ago, this is Geneva’s last issue as co-editor. The last five issues of Vector — and especially the international issue — wouldn’t have been what they’ve been without Geneva, so this is a public thank you: thank you. (I’ll be staying on solo for the forseeable future because I’m a sucker.) […]

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